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Megan Clair Bernstein

Digital Strategist and Entrepreneur

Renowned as a Pocket Rocket I am a Digital Strategist and Tech Entrepreneur.What started out as a small girl with big ideas became transformed into a far greater existential purpose. My vision and "raison d'être" is to use digital technology to serve and empower women, making life easier and the world nicer, and more fair.

Belief Passion Vision 

People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. 

Megan is a digital, marketing and branding strategic consultant and entrepreneur with over 15 years' experience in the realm of digital advertising, brand and marketing.  She is the Founder and Managing Director of digiUX - a Strategic Digital Consultancy.   Megan's passion and focus is using digital solutions to help clients and businesses harness the power of digital, ecosystems and strategic frameworks.   At the heart of these solutions are digital ecosystems,  strategic frameworks and data architecture comprising people, skills, software and platforms.  Megan has worked with agencies such as Ogilvy-Gloo and TBWA, major South African clients from Vodacom to Standard Bank and produced proposals for mobile platforms for the Mandela Legacy Foundation and EDPF(Enterprise Development Property Fund).

Throughout my career I am proud to have helped business leaders understand the role of technology, embrace and adapt change to create positive social impact and navigate South Africa's evolving economic landscape.

Digital Transformation 

I believe that any project should embody true digital transformation to promote and enable facilitation between people, processes and technologies to realize mutual growth and success.  I have a strong passion for digital and social media combined with CRM enables innovative and creative ways to engage consumers and create powerful meaningful connections.  In today's climate it is imperative that brands embrace the power of their consumers and use it to their strengths.  CRM strategies can play a key and influential role in cultivating strong connections between brands and consumers, and not merely as a 'loyalty scheme'. but used to create a greater good, or community and societal values. 

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Megan Clair Bernstein

Director and CDMO
email megan@digi-ux.com
mobile  +27658142582